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Line Officers 2023

Chief (Car 6) Jay Schall

Deputy Chief (Car 106) Mark Elliott

Assistant Chief (Car 206) Alan Olenick

1st Fire Captain (Car 306) Todd Kulman

2nd Fire Captain (Car 406) Brandon Dominique

1st EMS Captain (Car 506) Betsy Petrie McComber

1st EMS Lieutenant (Car 606) Sandy Belisle

1st Fire Lieutenant (Car 706) John Meigel

2nd Fire Lieutenant (Car 806) David Hackney

2nd EMS Lieutenant (Car 906) Grace Schultz

3rd EMS Lieutenant (Car 1006) Kwadwo Nsiah

3rd Fire Lieutenant (Car 1106) Zach Lawton

Lieutenant (Car 1206) Bob Cady

Fire Police Captain (PD 106) John Lyon

Fire Police Lieutenant (PD 206)

Executive Officers 2023

President - Mark Elliott

Vice President -Todd Kulman

Treasurer - Brandon Dominique

Secretary - Betsy Petrie

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